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Have you already spent a night with an army of mosquitos in your bedroom? Or with airplanes thundering over your roof? Then you know that a good night's rest is priceless.

Night flights not only ruin people's night's rest. They also threaten the jobs of many thousands of workers. Due to the current lack of EU wide regulation, transport firms move to regions where noise restrictions are less strict. As a result, many local workers lose their jobs and income. That has to be stopped. No more hassling with jobs and public health.

Employment in the aviation sector and a good night's rest do not mutually exclude each other. What we need are water tight EU rules. Only if every airport in the EU has to comply with the same set of rules, we can keep the number of night flights to the absolute minimum.

To force the European Commission to come up with a legislative proposal, MEP's Bart Staes and Pierre Jonckheer submitted a Written Declaration to the European Parliament. MEP Caroline Lucas also expressed her support for the action. In the declaration, they ask for severe restrictions of night flights between 11.00 PM and 07.00 AM throughout the European Union, as is asked by the WHO.

Read the Written Declaration.

If a majority of MEP's sign the Written Declaration, the European Commission has to respond. Until February 15 your MEP has the opportunity to support the text. However, MEP's have a lot on their mind, and so they might need a reminder from you.

Take action!

You can help to find a solution for the problem of night flights. Show your concern and solidarity. Show that job security and public health can be well protected together.

Sign the petition. With your support we can convince the 731 MEP's to sign the Written Declaration and ask the European Commission for a solution.

Coordination: Caroline Lucas

Number of signatories of the petition: 11256